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Getting Rid of the Dead Weight

I finally got rid of some dead weight this weekend. And by dead weight, I mean most of those freaking clothes piling up in my guest room waiting to be donated or gifted to friends. After the Great Clothing Purge … Continue reading

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Setting a Few Goals

Just a quick one before I head off for the weekend. Weekends are a notoriously tricky time. Either I’m ridiculously busy so I can’t fit in time to make food/exercise/think/etc, or I’m ridiculously lazy and don’t want to get off … Continue reading

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Operation: Clean Up My Fridge

Rita from The Giggly Bits posted a picture of her amazingly organized refrigerator last week and, from first glance, the little OCD part of my brain was soooo jealous (yeah, I’m a labels facing the same way, can’t sleep if … Continue reading

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It Just Keeps Rolling Along

I don’t talk about it much, but I sing opera on a semi-professional basis. What that means: I have a full-time Monday through Friday job, but also rehearse/perform on evening nights and weekends. When times are good I essentially work … Continue reading

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