That’s me, Zan, I’m a 30-something living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a part time opera singer, amateur photographer, knitter, and Disney freak, along with a couple hundred other interests thrown in for good measure. I’m a little sarcastic, a little frenetic, and definitely a bit crazy.


Losing weight, that’s what. This is a record of my journey to lose half my body weight, it’s ups, downs, in betweens, sideways, and frontways. Here you will find Weekly Check-ins, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, and much more.


Woops, guess I already told you that one. Well, we can include some of my favorite vacation destinations in this one too: Monterey and Disneyland!!!


Weight loss, for me, has been ongoing quest over the past 17 years. The first “diet” I remember going on was when I was 13 years old. October 2009, however, marked the start of this new stage in my life, the first time I’ve actually embarked on a plan to not only remove weight, but better my health and address the issues that caused me to gain weight in the first place.


  1. The Weight Watchers Momentum program.
  2. The Beck Diet Solution to an extent.
  3. Meatless Mondays or flexitarianism. Are you wondering what a flexitarian is? It’s following a mostly vegetarian diet with meat or fish thrown in a couple of times a week. I hate the idea of being a vegetarian that cheats. Cheating is such a nasty word. So, yeah, I’m a flexitarian. Call me a cheater or what you will, I’m happy.


Because the magical weight loss fairy isn’t going to materialize and zap me in the ass with her cellulitebegone stick.

And I want to be healthy because I’m not right now, but I’m getting better.

Finally, because I can:

Five Things You May Not Know About Me (but may have been able to infer):

  1. I’m a little goth girl at heart.
  2. I love vintage clothing and want to be a freaking pin-up. But do NOT mistake my love of vintage clothing and the 50’s household to mean that I am – by any means – a stay at home kind of gal.
  3. I <3 rockabilly. A lot.
  4. I’m a city girl at heart. Hustle and bustle are what it’s all about, baby.
  5. I rarely step out of the house without hair and make-up done.

7 Responses to About

  1. Betsy Craig says:

    Next time slip TGI Friday’s my company name, I would love to help them and in the end help myself (a little self-serving but worth it). The rant on their menu was well deserved and I agree. This info is avail and should be put there for all. That is why I began a company that does Menu Nutritional Information for Restaurants.

    Feel free to use me when you set someone like them straight any time and you go girl on that dress!!!!! Super awesome to read as you are rockin on.

    Betsy from Colorado

  2. ricwegrzyn says:

    I also have a blog about loosing weight and finding a better me. check it out and if you want to be blogging buddies let me know!!

  3. Came here after seeing your info on the ‘blog buddy’ post.
    I am also an artistic soul (former singer, now sharpening my visual
    art chops) trying to lose weight. Want to be buddies?

  4. Cristin Lynn says:

    I love our blog….I too decided to blog about my journey to health as well and love it! I am from the Bay Area, actually Monterey area….but live in the DC area now. Would love to follow your progress….keep up the great work! :-)

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