An Open Letter to 24 Hr Fitness

Dear 24 Hr Fitness Jerks:
Dear 24 Hr Fitness Corporate A**holes:
Dear 24 Hr Fitness:

I am appreciative to have a gym located so very close to my home. Seriously, the fact that your gym is less than a five minute drive (yes, drive, because the club is in a pretty sketch area) was a huge selling point, and made me look past the $35/month fee to use the club ($35 for an All Club Sport membership vs. $30 for a one club membership – you do the math).

With the coming of January and the five gazillion New Years Resolutionists, several shortcomings with the club were brought to my attention, most of which I was more than willing to overlook. For instance, the fact that there are usually so many people there that getting on a piece of cardio equipment requires a 10-15 minute wait. Also, that there doesn’t seem to be enough equipment to meet customer demand. In the grand scheme of things, though, these problems are miniscule as we head into February.

On the other hand, regularly having broken down equipment is not okay. Over the past several days I have witnessed the following equipment misfunctions/breakdowns:

  • Multiple treadmills (at least five of the sixteen) are unable to go into an incline.
  • Two treadmills regularly just don’t work.
  • One of the “newer” ellipticals (of which there are four) has been broken for well over a week.
  • The computer on one of the older ellipticals (of which there are three) continually resets and broadcasts that a button is stuck.
  • One of the stair climbers has been broken down for approximately a week.
  • The stationary bike I used last night was making a god awful thumping sound every time I pedaled (like louder than a room full of people lifting weights), and another stationary bike was completely broken down.
  • There are plenty more, but I think you get the picture.

You see, there hasn’t been a visit yet this year where I haven’t found myself marching up to the front desk to let them know about *another* piece of broken equipment. And I’m a little tired of it.

At this time of year, it’s vital that the club is even more on top of its game in order to keep customers happy and coming back. This customer is NOT happy. And I’m not so sure about the coming back part either.

It’s been my observation that any 24hr Fitness Club not of the Super Sport variety is relegated to the back burner when it comes to priority. Equipment at Super Sport clubs appears to be new and cutting edge, while gear at Sport Clubs and below is, apparently, castoff, busted to all hell equipment. And take a look at any Super Sport facility – it’s inviting and bright and full of everything that is pretty, but other locations are dark and dull. Further, I understand the motivation in charging a higher membership fee for Super Sport clubs, but a difference of thirty dollars a month is excessive.

As one person, I’m relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things as a 24hr Fitness customer, and I’m unwilling to shell out an additional thirty dollars a month just to feel a little more important and/or “pretty”. The only step I can make in response is to no longer support your company. Yes, I’m aware that $35/month is a drop in the bucket, but it’s my only recourse. It’s true that I’ll miss the convenience, yet it’s what has to be done.

Thank you for your lack of concern and willingness to fix equipment. It makes me realize your priority is not in serving the community, but in serving your own self interest as a corporation.

No Love, Me

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