Happy Friday (Saturday! Or Some Other Day) Finally

My apologies, this should have gone up last Friday, then it was Saturday, then I forgot all about it. GAH! But here ya go anyway! And, no, this isn’t my post for today. I’ll be back a little later.

Ooo boy, it’s been one of those weeks. Felt like the week of never-ending cr*p, but I’m happy to report I somehow managed to make it through despite Aunt Flo, work stress, and the emotional blahs. BRING ON THE WEEKEND! I think I’m ready to have me a couple of beers, relax with friends and take a load off.

This week could have been a whole helluva lot better emotionally (emo Zan is emo), but – hey – I was spot on when it came to being on plan. That’s promising. If I can make it through one of those kinds of weeks, imagine what’ll happen over a GOOD week (probably disaster cause it won’t be the only darn thing I can control!).

What’s on tap for the next few days? Not a whole heck of a lot. W00t!

Anywho . . .

Had a nasty shock this (Friday) morning when I went to track breakfast on the WW iPhone app and it wouldn’t launch. Seriously, how the heck am I supposed to track every freaking bite I put in my mouth if I can’t get into my rashafrashafracking tracker?!?!?!?!?!

Okay, calm down. Restart the program. Same problem. Uninstall and reinstall. Grr. Go to WW and search the message boards. Umm, hello? Am I the only one having this problem?!? No other posts about it. Must be crazy. Restart program *pull hair out*. Roar. Restart phone. GAAAAHHHH! Okay, time to post on the message board. Dear WW, stop making your app suck. No Love, ME. Actually, it was more along the lines of: AM I THE ONLY ONE HAVING THIS PROBLEM?!?!?! Okay, I’m not. Good. Not crazy Zan. Half hour later: fixed. Meh.

After the week I had, it was just one more thing going wrong I didn’t want to deal with. But at least I’m not crazy. Well, not totally. HAHA.

Coming up tomorrow: Week One, Day Three of the C25K, WW Meeting.

My Bravos for the Week:

  1. Made it through the week.
  2. Tracked every day!!!
  3. Exercised six days!!! I earned something like 51 Activity Points this week (9 over the max swappable – WOW!)
  4. Completed C25k, Week One, Days One and Two.
  5. Kept the water intake up all week.
  6. Didn’t go postal. XD
  7. Blogged Monday through Friday. – k, not so much.

Yep, I’m definitely ready for the weekend. Can’t promise you’ll hear anything from me Saturday or Sunday, but you’ll see me on Monday. Cheers!

My Saturday Addition

Woke up early today in order to head out to the gym and get C25k, Week One, Day Three in the bag before heading out to WW. Imagine the nasty surprise I had finding all the treadmills full!! And not a hint of anyone getting off!! Grr. Imagine not happy Zan face.

Left the gym feeling helpless and seriously upset with the world. Seriously! The drive home was something along the lines of, “now when am I gonna get this done? I suck. People suck. I’m never gonna be a runner!”

The obvious didn’t hit me until I was driving up the street to my house: not everyone has a gym membership, and they manage to run ALL THE TIME. Durrr. Pulled into the driveway, busted out the headphones (and C25k app), and hit the pavement.

How the hell was running through my neighborhood an epiphany?!?


So, I put in a good two miles exploring the few blocks surrounding my house. And one of the great things about living in California? Ohmigod, the weather was gorgeous! Thinking I might make this a once a week occurrence.

Alright, I’m spent, Have a great one folks!!

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I'm just a girl doing a thing. A little sarcastic, a little cynical, and a total sassbot. Nothing's off limits here, but my primary focus is weight loss. Still, you might find commentary on anything ranging from makeup to music to fashion to beer and dancing.
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