Operation Needs Pants That Fit

I have a couple of problems. See, as the months go by, and I lose more weight, my clothes are getting looser and looser (yes, I realize most people don’t consider this a problem), but as someone who prides herself on dressing well this is a very large (no pun intended) issue.

Tell me, how can a clothes horse have no clothes?

When I started down the journey towards a healthier me back in October, I had a lot of clothes. A lot of clothes I really, really loved, and it was one of the reasons I was so hesitant to hop on the weight loss bandwagon. Finding something to wear was not a problem; I knew my size down pat, what style of clothing looked good on me, and which stores would have what I wanted.

In March, I had my First Great Closet Purge. It was time to tackle the beast and get rid of all those clothes dragging me down. I invited my best friend over, we had a beer or two, and removed every piece of clothing from my closet and drawers. It was pretty epic and what followed was many hours of trying on, crying, deciding if I could part with something that made me look like a tent, and finally saying “f*ck it, they’ve gotta go!”. (There were several more slightly less legendary clothing purges after that). Needless to say, my closet has been whittled down to a third of what it was.

Which brings me to my current conundrum. Shopping.

Problem #1: Buying new clothes.

Since the beginning of my closet purge, I’ve been on a fairly constant search for new clothes. Now, I like shopping, I like trying on clothes, but I’m in between sizes. Those size 18’s are just a touch too tight and the size 20’s are just a little too loose to be flattering. The obvious solution here was the Lane Bryant Right Fit line of pants and jeans as I’m buying to fit my hips (not my waist), but Lane Bryant is made of Epic Fail. They’re in the midst of changing their Right Fit line, although, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. Why go and change the first line of pants that actually fits a woman’s curves? Talk about fixing something that isn’t broken!!! Fail, Lane Bryant, Fail. So glad I’m nearly done with you.

Then there’s the whole “being on the verge of shopping in the Misses section again” thing. Talk about daunting! I ventured into the misses section at Target yesterday and felt completely overwhelmed. Too many choices and part of me felt like everyone was staring, laughing, and saying “what’s that fat girl doing in here? She should go back to the heifer section”.

And I have an issue buying pieces that don’t quite fit. I spent so many years battling urges to buy something that was “so cute”, but would only look good if I “just lost those ten pounds”. It was a hard lesson to learn driven home by multiple shopping excursions that culminated in me giving away perfectly good, unworn clothing because it never fit me in the first place and I’d gained weight instead of losing it.

Problem #2: Current Styles of Clothing and I’m way too freaking picky

My style has been years in the making. It’s pretty specific and I buy to fit that style. If a piece doesn’t fit with my style, it’s going back on the rack. Doesn’t matter how good it looks on me.

Shopping, recently, has been an exercise in frustration. If they have my size, they only have clothes in this god-awful 80’s fad showing up everywhere. Skinny acid-washed jeans? Stirrup pants? Off the shoulder t-shirts?  It’s a childhood nightmare come back to haunt me. I mean, I hated the 80’s in the 80’s, I have to hate it now too? Come on, I have hips and skinny ankles, in what world do skinny jeans look good on me?

Finally, it is not in my nature to buy throw away clothing. No matter how many times my mother tells me to hit up the Goodwill or Walmart for new clothes, I always chafe at the suggestion. It’s not that there aren’t great finds at Goodwill or Walmart, but they’re few and far between. I’m happy to pass on the clothes to my friends and the local Women’s Shelter that I’ve sized out of, and I have several friends who have staked claim to most of my old wardrobe.

Honestly, I feel like there should be a Problem #3 since two problems don’t seem like nearly enough to go ranting on and on over, but that’s all there is. I am, however, happy to report that I finally found a couple pairs of work pants at Kohl’s which – oh my god – actually fit! It’s amazing how pants that fit correctly make you look like you’ve lost even more weight. Go fig. Ha!

Hope everyone’s weekends have treated them well! I’m off to do a Bellydance workout and relax!

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I'm just a girl doing a thing. A little sarcastic, a little cynical, and a total sassbot. Nothing's off limits here, but my primary focus is weight loss. Still, you might find commentary on anything ranging from makeup to music to fashion to beer and dancing.
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5 Responses to Operation Needs Pants That Fit

  1. Oh, I shutter to relive that. I boxed up my entire wardrobe and sent it to my friend. Thousands of dollars but more importantly, fabulous clothes that looked awesome. It’s so hard to know that you have to start again, I had four or five shirts and a couple pairs of jeans at the worst of it. I didn’t want to leave the house. But accessories still fit!

    I ended up goodwilling for some in between stuff and it was tons easier to find things once I had lost some of the weight. That way I wasn’t spending tons of money on something all the while thinking, will this look good on my friend?

    I agree that there’s too many choices. I live an hour away from the biggest mall in North America, very cool, but when you fit something from every store it’s almost enough to make a girl’s head explode. Sure nice problem to have but it takes some time to get used to it. Still not entirely there.

    And your fashion sense is rocking fantastic.

    • Thanks for the compliment!

      I’m reeling just a bit each time some fantastic piece makes its way into the get rid of pile, but I never want to wear those sizes again. Away they must go!

      Still, I’m making an effort to be more frugal with my in-between shopping, but it’s difficult. We’ll see what happens.

  2. Hi Suzanne!

    I popped over after I read your comment on Rita’s site. Congrats on the success. You and I are about the same size with the same goals! I started at 294 in July of 2009 and am trying to lose 120 pounds. I’m -52 pounds into my journey and I could relate to so much of what you said. I look forward to having the option to not shop at fat-lady stores, but I am also partially scared of leaving the 1-stop shop option where everything is accessorized for me with a pretty little bow.

    Good luck and congrats again!


    • Hi Kirsten and welcome!! Sometimes I’m a little slow on getting back to comments, sorry! Congrats on your weight loss.

      It’s been such a long time since I could walk into a “regular” store and try somethong on. I’ve been big for so long that making my way back to the “real” world is ridiculously surreal. But I’ll deal, I did it before, I can do it now. :-)

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