The Weekly Weigh-In and Eeee-vil Coffee Makers

Week of 5/12/10 Stats

Starting Weight: 291.6

Previous Weight: 245.0 lbs
Current Weight: 242.6 lbs
Difference: -2.4 lbs

Total Weight Removed: -49.0 lbs
Total Percentage of Weight Removed: 16.8%

Yes, you read that right: I am exactly one pound away from having lost fifty pounds! Someone at Weight Watchers last night asked me if I was disappointed that I didn’t reach the fifty pound mark, and I was flabbergasted. Disappointed? How could I be disappointed? I lost two and a half pounds this week, three pounds last week (Five and half pounds and nearly two percent in two weeks!!!) and I’m supposed to be disappointed?!? How does that work? This is not a race to lose the weight as quickly as possible, folks.

You know, I found my weight loss journal from the last time I joined Weight Watchers – in two and a half pounds I will cross the threshold to my lowest weight posted since October 2005. It’s so exciting. I mean, seriously, my weight will soon be in the 230’s; I have a hard time remembering that last time I saw the 230’s. And each week I’m getting further and further away from 250. Soon I’ll be on the other side of 225 heading to 200. Whew. That’s a heady feeling.

Maybe you noticed the new section on my sidebar (over thata way —->) linking to my Flickr Progress Photo Set. Apparently, as I’ve been losing weight, I’ve become something of the camera whore – asking the hubby to take pictures of me, taking pictures of myself – I’m just thrilled to see where I am.

Oh look, it’s a side by side progress pic:

My mom keeps calling me brave for sharing my weight in my pictures, but that isn’t what it is. It’s honesty. Pure and simple honesty. This is where I am in my life: no more lies, no more pretending I’m something I’m not.

I guess the next question is what brought about this weight loss renaissance. Well, I’m back to working out, I’m back to following the good health guidelines, I’m back to writing down every bite I eat. That’s what worked for me from October – April, and that’s what will work for me until I reach my goal. Habits, habits, habits. Something clicked back on, maybe it was clearance from my doc, maybe I just realized how much I wanted it again. Who knows? But I’m feeling really good.

Onto this morning . . .

Our coffee maker is apparently possessed (or something). The basket has developed this bad habit of popping open while the beans are grinding and spilling all over the counter. Grr. Fortunately, our bedroom (at least, my side of the bedroom) is near the kitchen and I usually wake up for a second when it starts up each morning. This morning it sounded odd, and I hopped out of bed to check on it. Just. In. Time. The water was about to start and would have made a wonderful, goo-ey, ground-y mess. Yay. After cleaning up the aftermath, refilling the coffee maker and standing there giving it the death glare to make sure it didn’t pop open again, I realized I was up an hour early. Ah well.

With no chance of getting back to bed after the coffee ground incident, I realized I had an entire hour I don’t normally have in the morning. Time to make real breakfast!!!!! I subscribe to the a href=””>Hungry Girl newsletter and have seen multiple references to what is called the “Egg Mug”; it’s intrigued me for a while and what better time to make it! And anything that can be made in the microwave earns two thumbs up from this girl. After browsing through several pages of recipes I settled on the Egg Mug Lorraine (about 3/4’s of the way down the page) – that and I had all the necessary ingredients (Yay!). All I have to say is Wow. Tasty. Must. Repeat.

If you haven’t, hie yourself over to Hungry Girl and check it out.


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6 Responses to The Weekly Weigh-In and Eeee-vil Coffee Makers

  1. aauntiem says:

    Keep up the good work as your story is so inspiring.I love hungry girl too; she has awesome recipes.

  2. shrinkingirl says:

    OMG! You look so good!
    One lb away from 50 is HUGE.
    Way to go you! You totally rock and your wardrobe also rocks. I’m totally jealous.

    • Thank you! I’m starting to feel pretty good about myself again which is great.

      I’m something of a clothes-whore, and probably spend way too much of my money on new threads (and a little too much time shopping – ha ha!).

  3. Ditto to Shrinking Girl, sweet threads my dear! And sweet shrinking behind too. That lady at WW made me sad but maybe she’ll get it soon.

    Congrats on 49lbs!!

    • Thanks for the congrats! The lady at WW made me a little sad too, but she doesn’t quite get it yet. It’s not the Biggest Loser and I don’t have to lose my weight as quick as possible.

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