Covered in Bumps and Bruises
(I will offically reiterate that I am terrible at recapping anything. Giving reports on what I did over any amount of time is really boring. Maybe I should just take my camera everywhere and recap in pictures. At least, I’m kinda funny in pictures – except I hate looking at myself in them. Grr. Argh!!!!!)

This weekend went by waaaayyy too quickly. But, I guess, that’s pretty much always the case. Two short days to do everything you couldn’t do over the past five days. Naturally, I try to shove seven days worth of partying into two days. Okay, not so much, but this weekend was kind of a party considering how much beer I consumed.

So Dave and I are bleeding hearts. Total bleeding hearts. When a friend in need asked for help moving out after a difficult break-up, how could we say no? So, despite the fact we haven’t had a weekend to ourselves in ages, we agreed to help (with a few extreme caveats since the last time we helped this friend move it was a disaster). I’ll admit the organization was great and we finished moving her out of her shared townhouse and storage unit into another storage unit all in four hours. Color me impressed.

Then we, along with every one else that helped, were treated to Red Robin for dinner. Guess we can tell what kind of food weekend this is gonna be? Difficult. Very, very difficult. To be fair, Red Robin is one of the more responsible chain, sit-down restaurants with an awesome customizer on their website. Wanna find out what that Whiskey River whatever burger costs nutritionally? Really?!? Are you sure? Well, you’re gonnna. And you can *try* to make it better for you! Good luck! I’ll stick with my Natural Burger on texas toast with melon.

Did I mention I worked out before going to help move? Hmmm. Probably, not the best of ideas. But, hey, I earned 8 Activity POINTS Saturday!

Then came Sunday, and the random bumps and bruises, and the soreness, and, and. Whoops. Overdid it just a bit.

Oh, there was Costco too. And Hockey! Stanley Cup Round Two Hockey!!! Yeah, did I mention I’m a hockey fan, and a little rabid about my local team!!

I do have a couple NSVs to report and toot my own horn about:

  1. Wienerschnitzel – in spite of my great desire to have four BBQ Bacon All Beef Dogs on Pretzel Buns, I only ordered two corn dogs, and had water, and ate it all slowly, and was full at the end. Go fig. Repeat to self: Do not eat just to stuff yourself.
  2. Pub before hockey game – had a salad with my pregame beer. Yes, a salad. I kept in mind the goal I set for myself over the weekend of eating five servings of fruits and veggies a day, and got in a good three servings of lettuce, onion and other tasty vegetables goodies. And only two croutons.
  3. Kept myself to the number of drinks I planned at the game: one beer beforehand, one cocktail, and one beer during the game.

Yeah, guess I’m a bit of a party-er when it comes to the weekend.

So finally, we get back to those goals I set for myself Friday Night, and I have something very exciting to report:

  • 30 minutes of exercise, any kind of exercise. – COMPLETE. Completed right away Saturday morning. None of this “oh, I’ll wait until Sunday”. Oh no. I’ve done that before. I won’t say I’ve entirely given up procrastination, but I’m making a concerted effort to procrastinate less.
  • Eat at least five servings of fruits and veggies each day. – COMPLETE. I kept this goal in mind all weekend long, and made food choices with it in mind. Woot! And can you imagine, I didn’t feel as hungry!!
  • Cook one healthy meal at home. – COMPLETE. Okay, so I procrastinated on this one all the way through Sunday night until after the hockey game when Dave and I made it home and realized we were just a smidge hungry. And I didn’t exactly cook, but I did make my Tangy Tuna Salad again (I promise I’ll share the recipe soon!!!). So I say success.

Yeah, that’s right! I completed all my goals. Go me!!!! I’m going to call this weekend a success all around!!

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2 Responses to Covered in Bumps and Bruises

  1. shrinkingirl says:

    Way to go!
    Weekend goal accomplishment is really like a double accomplishment, weekends are tough!

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