Escaping the Aggravation
This has been a week dominated by negativity. The hubby’s frustrated cause he’s working a ton of overtime. I’m frustrated with any number of things including: myself, auditioning, doctors, the world, fast food, and the list could go on and on. We just found out how many people are being laid off at work. I’m angry that I’m still on doctor’s orders of nothing more than low intensity workouts. The scale isn’t cooperating and although it showed a decent loss at the beginning of the week, it popped back up three pounds two days later. And, dammit, the world isn’t cooperating with me. Grrr.

All that negative energy hasn’t been doing my state of mind a whole lot of good, so I came to the decision today that I can’t let it bother me anymore. Today is the day I start letting it all slide off my back. The scale went up a pound? Scales do that. I’m a woman with womanly parts which means scales make absolutely no sense even when you’re following the plan perfectly. Taking the scale and throwing it at the wall will do me no good, and then I’ll just have to buy another scale.

In honor of my new positive attitude, I’d like to share my Weigh-in results for the week:

This Week’s Stats

Starting Weight: 291.6

Previous Weight: 250.0 lbs
Current Weight: 249.2 lbs
Difference: -0.8 lbs

Total Weight Removed: -42.4 lbs
Total Percentage of Weight Removed: 14.5%

So what if I been bouncing around the same two pounds for three weeks? So what if I gained a little last week? I’m still 42 and half pounds lighter than I was when I started back in October. That’s huge! That’s amazing! I’m going to do my happy dance until I believe it, and then I’m going to do it again.

Frustration happens, but I can’t let it rule my life. If I do, every little bump on the road is insurmountable, every bend in the road is blocked, and every door that closes in my face will not open no matter what I do. Instead of looking at the bump as a mountain, I will find a way around or over it. If the road is blocked, I’ll find another way to continue on. And if the door is closed, then I’ll damn well break a window if that’s what I have to do to succeed.

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2 Responses to Escaping the Aggravation

  1. Rita says:

    Brilliant! It is so true the positivity works, and smashing a window helps too

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