Checking Back In

Last week was pretty crazy, what with preparations to go on vacation, and I didn’t get round to my normal posting schedule. Well, it’s back into the loop today, and what better way to start than with a check-in?

Weekly Check-in

How do I feel I did this week? What was successful for me? Is there anything I’m particularly proud of?

Having spent a weekend in one of my favorite places, managing to not gain any weight, and getting back to the regular grind, I’m pretty happy with where I am this week. It’s a huge feather in my cap to be successful, stay on plan, and enjoy myself.

What are three things I can give myself credit for?

  1. I avoided trigger foods while on vacation.
  2. Worked out four times last week
  3. Maintained mental motivation.

Am I still excited/motivated to lose weight?

Absolutely. Something happened over the past couple of weeks, and that boredom I was beginning to feel on plan evaporated. I’m not as ridiculously motivated as I was when I started four-five months ago, but I am pretty happy every time I drop another ten pounds and lose a daily food POINT. For me, that’s crazy. Totally crazy. Buck-nutty, stupid crazy. Who knew I could be excited to eat less?

Am I sitting down to eat? How often?

While at home sitting down to eat is not a problem, but vacationing at a theme park there’s one long line of food stands positioned in strategic locations to keep you spending and eating. We kept the standing food to a minimum, and I think I ate one snack while walking. Go me!

Am I eating slowly and with awareness?

Yes and no. Again, theme park vacation. Sometimes you need to scarf and go in order to make it someplace on time. To combat what I knew would be a difficult situation, we had lunch reservations on both Friday and Saturday (the big days of our vacation), and scheduled an hour or three to really enjoy our food.

Is anything in my routine not working?

Not this week. Nope.

What, if anything, do I need to change in my routine to succeed?

I seem to have fallen into a pretty healthy routine recently. I think it’s important to stick with that routine for the time being.

What healthy habit will I practice/goal will I meet in the coming week?

Continue with the working out at least four times a week. Three days a week doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, alternating with lower and moderate intensity workouts.

Okay, so I’m pretty hyped and ready to keep on going. Glad the week is starting out on such a positive note. (and when I say week, I mean my WW week which starts on Wednesday)


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I'm just a girl doing a thing. A little sarcastic, a little cynical, and a total sassbot. Nothing's off limits here, but my primary focus is weight loss. Still, you might find commentary on anything ranging from makeup to music to fashion to beer and dancing.
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