An Accomplished Weekend, Part Two (Sunday)

In the Many Adventures of Zan, weekends have typically been the time when I say “to H*LL” with the program, go and have a lot of fun, and regret it instantly.

As we come back to this second installment of “An Accomplished Weekend”, our heroine has been squeeing over having a fabulous Saturday. Will that accomplishment last into Sunday? Will she succeed in winning back the weekend for weight loss?

Oh, enough of that, OF COURSE!

Things being what they are, the hubby and I have a pretty active social life. We eat out multiple nights a week, so I’ve become quite the accomplished “figuring-outer” of restaurant menus. I know they say a key to weight loss success is disengaging the focus of hanging out from food, but that probably wouldn’t work here. My goal is to find a happy medium between reality and what I’d like reality to be while keeping sight of my goals.

So, that brings us to Sunday, which was nowhere near as busy as Saturday, but started with brunch at that infamous WW blackhole, the Olive Garden.

Do you how many items on the Olive Garden menu have a full days portion of calories? Fortunately, they’re one of the few chain restaurants that publishes full nutritional information on their website. *golf claps*

Eating out with this particular group of friends makes me feel ridiculously virtuous. One girl brags that she almost never eats her meal because she fills up on breadsticks and salad, and I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut.

The Bad and Worse at Olive Garden:

1) The Bad: Breadsticks are 3 POINTS a piece
2) The Worse: The Salad. One Serving with dressing: 8.5 POINTS!!!! That’s one serving! If you want the salad, order it without dressing, add a squeeze of lemon and a little pepper – still dee-lish. And, like me, you’ll likely be the only one eating it without dressing. Take it home! Have a huge salad for dinner! Or lunch the next day!!!

It’s frightening that I used to have the same attitude as my friend. It’s easy to eat a basket of breadsticks, then convince myself that the salad, while covered in dressing, was good for me. HAH!

I’ll stick with my Venetian Apricot Chicken (in the lunch sized portion) for 5 POINTS. *gasp* Only five points??? Yeah, well, add the appetizer (I still have a soft spot for fried foods), the breadstick, salad, glass of red wine, and two of those little mint chocolates afterwards.

The damage: I halfed my meal, took some breadsticks home, the rest of the salad, and had it for dinner. That was about the sum total of my POINTS for the day.

We ran a few errands afterwards, got the new car stereo installed (Yay!!), and watched the Team Canada vs. Team USA Olympic Hockey Game.

And, finally, in news of the shocking!!! I worked out! After all that and a hockey game, I threw on my workout clothes, popped in the new workout, Goddesslife Cardio Bellydance, and bumped and grooved my way through 45 minutes. Still feeling pretty virtuous, I decided on a topper and tried out the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga. Ow! Must remember, anything that says the Biggest Loser, even yoga, will kick my butt.

Well, I think that’s more than enough squee for one day. Have a great one!


About singingforasmallerme

I'm just a girl doing a thing. A little sarcastic, a little cynical, and a total sassbot. Nothing's off limits here, but my primary focus is weight loss. Still, you might find commentary on anything ranging from makeup to music to fashion to beer and dancing.
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