Ghastly Ghouls and Terrifying Treats

Being something of a goth-y soul and someone who would call their backyard Gargoyle Chic, Halloween is one of those holidays that makes me incredibly happy. Creepy decorations and scary music warm my heart, and part of me wants to giggle every time I see a gargoyle or raven statue on sale. That being said, it’s also one of those “Danger, Danger!” type of days.

In the past, when Halloween treats appeared in the store that was my trigger to pick up a couple of very large bags of sugary, sweet, food coma-inducing goodness. And I’d buy them with the best of intentions: “Oh, I’m going to give them out to trick or treaters” was the usual excuse. When the hubby and I finally decided to go to a party instead of handing out candy it then became: “I can’t just let all that candy go to waste!”

This year, the Halloween candy – though loudly calling to me from the supermarket aisles – stayed away from our house. Our plans were set early on.

Unfortunately, candy wasn’t my only weekend adversary: my old crummy eating habits regularly rear their ugly heads on Saturday and Sunday. The usual plan of action includes sleeping in late, drinking lots of coffee, not eating for hours on end, and then eating whatever comes to hand as the day goes by. What that typically means is lots of fast food, pizzas, and junk, junk, junk. While I managed to stay on plan all weekend long, I didn’t eat a lot, nor did I eat anything of much substance.

Meanwhile, these weekend forays into crappy food consumption leave me feeling horrible come Monday, and render it that much more difficult for me to jump “back on the wagon” as it were. And, frankly, I’m regularly verging on sabotage with my weekend waffling.

I clearly need a different plan of attack so that I face the weekends more prepared. Most likely, it would be helpful if I actually went food shopping instead of pretending that I’ll go tomorrow. It’s funny, as I sit here typing this I have to keep myself from typing down the myriad excuses I used as to why I didn’t shop for food last week. Every one of them seems pretty lame right now. Okay, so food shopping is one. Planning my meals on the weekend would help as well, so that’s two. Also, keeping myself on a schedule similar to my weekday schedule wouldn’t hurt.

See? I know what I need to do. Now I just have to do it, plan it, force it into a little box and make it be the way I know it needs to be.

By preparing my space and time, I am prepared to meet each challenge and triumph over sabotaging behaviors.


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I'm just a girl doing a thing. A little sarcastic, a little cynical, and a total sassbot. Nothing's off limits here, but my primary focus is weight loss. Still, you might find commentary on anything ranging from makeup to music to fashion to beer and dancing.
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